Our Guarantee

Just Flooring stands behind its work with confidence. We use only quality materials and ensure that our work and materials meet or exceed industry standards. Just Flooring provides a 2-Year Warranty to cover any defects and deficiencies in Workmanship or Materials. We also offer 24/7 emergency service on all warranty issues. Just Flooring offers a 24-Month Warranty following Date of Possession on New Construction and a 24-Month Warranty following Installation Date on Existing Construction.

Morgan Anderson


Job-Site Policy, Procedures & Code of Conduct

These terms and conditions apply to all Just Flooring Employees and Sub-Trades with equal force and effect.

Just Flooring represents and warrants its Work & Materials to be free of defects and deficiencies. We look to our employees and sub-trades to do their part in helping maintain that commitment to our customers.

For most jobs Just Flooring provides a time-line for completion and a scope of work price. The quality and efficiency of our employees and sub-trades is central to meeting those goals.

Be professional at all times. No one may notice that you are a professional ..but they will never forget it if you are not.

Prior to starting a new project, you will be advised of the start time and day-end finish time. You will be required to show up at the job-site, ready to work, not later than the scheduled start time. There will be no leaving before the scheduled quitting time, without prior approval from a Just Flooring supervisor. 

Some job-sites have parking restrictions. Be mindful of where you are allowed to park and where not permitted to park your vehicle. 

There is to be no smoking or vaping (of any kind), nor any use of alcohol on the job-site. 

While on the job-site, please refrain from yelling, arguing or using foul language. 

Treat your colleagues, co-workers and fellow trades with decency and respect at all times. 

Racial slurs, fights, violence, physical threats and discrimination will not be tolerated. Such behaviour will result in automatic termination. 

Do not "bad-mouth" any other Trade, Supplier, Employee or Job-Site Personnel. 

In order to avoid confrontation, it is advisable to refrain from discussing Politics or Religion. 

Dress weather appropriate. This does not mean shorts & sandals are acceptable, they are not. We expect you to dress neatly, and conduct yourself with an appropriate level of professionalism. 

A word about personal hygiene: it's part of being a professional. Being decently groomed, polite and considerate, are the hallmarks of a professional; while on the job, make sure you fit that profile. 

The only washroom you should be using on the job-site is the construction porta potty; do not use the property owner's washroom. 

You are a professional in your field, we expect you to exude that professionalism expeditiously and cost effectively in carrying out your work. 

Unless the demands of the job require it, do not be on your cell phone, iPad or other electronic device, while on the job. Refrain from wearing ear-buds or playing loud music. Respect others on the job. 

The time for food and drink is reserved exclusively for lunch and coffee breaks, ..and no other time. 

Please leave your personal problems at home; bring your most positive, productive and cheerful self to work. 

Unless Just Flooring tells you otherwise, you are to take direction only from your Just Flooring supervisor. If the property owner, superintendent or head contractor asks you to make changes or do anything outside Just Flooring's Scope of Work, please refer them to Just Flooring's on-site supervisor or our office. 

Keeping the job-site clean and tidy is an ongoing process and requires daily attention. A messy and cluttered job-site is an accident waiting to happen. Do your part to keep your tools and materials organized. 

Know where your tools and materials are at all times; do not leave them where others can trip on them. 

All waste building scraps should be put in the appropriate garbage container. 

Food & drink garbage will generally have its own designated garbage container.

If you are a sub-trade you must provide us with your WorkSafe BC Registration Number and a valid WCB Clearance Letter for every new job-site. 

We require all sub-trades to carry a current valid liability insurance policy of not less than $2,000,000. 

At every new job-site you can expect to attend an initial “Job-Safety Briefing". 

Job safety talks may happen more than once. 

While on site you may be required to wear safety gear. Those may include gloves, safety glasses or goggles, noise protection ear covering, a CSA approved hardhat, steel-toed and steel-shank work boot/footwear. You will be advised of the requirements for each job. 

If you are sick, stay home. You are not doing anyone a favour by coming to work with a cold or flu and contaminating everyone else. 

Keeping the job-site clean and organized is an integral part of our Safety Policy. Don't leave tools lying around and always do an organizational clean-up at day's end. 

Familiarize yourself with all WHIMS Hazard Symbols.